LDPE bin liners

Strong bin liners (LDPE) 120L Strong bin liners (LDPE) 35L with handles Drawstring strong bin liners (LDPE) 35L Strong bin liners (LDPE) 120L Drawstring strong bin liners (LDPE) 60L Strong bin liners (LDPE) 60L with handles Strong bin liners (LDPE) 160L Strong bin liners (LDPE) 35L Strong bin liners (LDPE) 60L

HDPE bin liners

Bin liners (HDPE) 20L Drawstring bin liners (HDPE) 35L Bin liners (HDPE) 35L Bin liners (HDPE) 60L Drawstring bin liners (HDPE) 60L


Rainbow household gloves Microfibre glove

Traditional cloths

Household cloth Perforated household cloth Sponge cloth Trio sponge cloth Rough cloth Falka kitchen cloth Super kitchen cloth White floor cloth Viscose floor cloth

Microfibre cloths

Superdry kitchen towel Inox cloth DuoAction floor cloth Glass Microfibre cloth Duopolisher Microfibre Cloth Microfibre Electro cloth Terry Microfibre cloth Microfibre Shine cloth Microfibre XXL cloth


Scrubber with handle Steel dish scrubber Plastic dish scrubber Mini spiral scrubber Maxi spiral scrubber


Lux Teflon dishcloth Active Waves dishcloth Maxi dishcloth Profi dishcloth Terry dishcloth Standard dishcloth

Floor mops

Comforto flat mop Perfecto flat mop Rio strap mop Light strap mop Micro fibre mop Terry Plus mop Classic cotton mop Super Classic cotton mop Cloth-mop

Mop buckets and handles

Evergreen bucket Long mop handle Telescopic handle

Other products


Garden broom Household broom 2in1 Household broom - soft Sweeper with dustpan


Multi Cleaner roller Multi Cleaner roller with insert Multi Cleaner roller inserts